“We manufacture corrugated packaging to our customer’s specific dimensional, strength, and graphic requirements”
  • We manufacture corrugated packaging to our customers’ specific dimensional, strength and graphic requirements
  • If you’re a new customer and you need packaging advice, one of our packaging consultants will work on your requirements with the aid of our renowned design team.
  • Arkansas Box features a state-of-the-art “packaging development room” utilizing state-of-the-art CAD technology to design your custom box. Specifications are give to one of our designers, who can instantly access thousands of variations to aid the creation of the requested sample.
  • Once you’re statisfied with your sample and are ready to place an order, you may call, e-mail, or fax your sales consultant or one of our customer service representatives.
  • Your order is sent to our scheduling department, which confirms the desired production and shipping date, then coordinates the details with our converting departments.
  • Your finished order is then conveyed into our shipping area.
  • Once your order has been completed, our shipping department schedules its delivery. Your order is neatly banded and carefully loaded on our trucks, ready to arrive at your place of business when you need it.